December 08, 2012

feeling mess

I can't understand men. Why do they always assume that we, women, are always up to something. Is it our fault that we have guy friends? Is it our fault that a guy acts too friendly towards us? Why are they so jealous? I just don't understand. I thought I was just being myself and enjoying my life. I don't feel like having another boyfriend. There is just too much pressure and stress and it is not worth it. After breaking up with my boyfriend, I felt like a whole lot of weight has been lifted off of me. I felt freed! At first, I was depressed, as if I had done something wrong, or it was all my fault. But I thought about it really hard and realized, I done nothing wrong at all. If anything, I felt I've done the right thing for myself and let it all go. I am glad and relieved that I can do what "I" want! I have to remind myself that this is my life and not his. Always!