December 16, 2012

how i am

Thanks for taking out of ur time to read this little space
I just wanna lilbit talk about my self in this text .
So, lets scroll your trackpad down if u wanna know more about me, now!
i'm generous, thinker, heartless, weird and clearly rather modest person.
i care with my family, all of my friends, and also him :)
They're color of my life

I'm not very sweet person but i love cracking jokes and having a good laugh.
I think I am kind and gentle, not meek, but brave.
I am intelligent but not as intelligent as so many people out there.
I am impulsive especially with my money. I think about big issues as best I can.
i love to listen and sing to nice music,

I read about those that interest me.
I really like sewing, love all about barbie and butterfly, vintage fashion, crafting, and decorate something.
someday i wanna be a designer and make a house that design by my own*it was my dreams*hii
I am responsible with what i do and I love to share to everyone (not my underwear of course) haha

I don't self analyze. I have had enough professional analysis to last a life time.
I seldom get worried or tense over matters. May be because I use a menthol shampoo!*??
when i in depressive, i take enough medicine for it that and keep it at bay. 
I immediately rectify myself when others point out my drawbacks because I am embarrassed. 
I usually assume immediately that I was wrong. 
Later I might think about it and decide I wasn't wrong and mull it over.

I neither judge nor ask others to judge me, guess am happy enough the way I am. 
At the end of it all, I have learn to be good to people even when I hate them.
Other people judging me, it would be easy to say I do not care,
 more likely if I respect the person doing the judging I care a great deal, 
otherwise I truly could not care at all.

Although I can share with my loved ones, I normally do not share my problems.
 I keep them to myself.