January 01, 2013

worst feeling

YThere're things that we don't want to happen but have to accept,
 things we don't want to know but we have to learn :)
How Miserable!

happy new years all !
hope 2013 will be better than 2012 and all of your dreams will be come true in this year!
fill this year with happiness, love, laugh, and also your smile!:)
how about your new year's eve tonight?
did you celebrate it ?
is it excited, xo-xo, or u just have nothing special?
i think you all have your own story about it :)

So,, how about me?
here i share lilbit about my new year's eve..
i have a sad story
yeaa what's the matter??
i had  an ironic disease. poor me! :((
it came on December'29, and stayed about
three days in these weak body.
first, i thought that it was caused by tomcat's syndrome
because  two days before i found tomcat
in my mom's. But it was wrong!

it was December'29 night..
 fever attacked me and i felt helpless.
It was the worst feeling i ever felt!
what can i do in that situation?
 I just spent that night with lay in my bad.
 i had a bed rest! :((

so, what happened in the next day?? 
i felt recovery and lil bit better.
So that i can did my daily activity like usual.
it was December'30, i got my precious time with my MP3.
 i've not met them almost 4 months.
we went out to get some food and then went to the bookstore,
just looked for the latest books. we spent our time with shared
about our new study in university and others.
What a day! 

it was about at 10.00pm, i arrived at home.
How shocked i'am . I found red spots spread out  my skin .
I took some medicine and then went bed.
I just could prayed that my condition could be better in the next day.
and these what i call the worst feeling #2 :'(

yep! it was happened (on December'31)
i didn't feel better at all,
i decided to go to the doctor for check up.
doctor told me that i had measles. how could?
i felt weakened suddenly ..
i took some medicines again, and went sleep. 
i had bed rest all day long.. 
it was about at 11.30pm . 
I absolutely couldn't closed my eyes!
 that fireworks really annoyed me! ARRGH!
I knew that shortly was a new years..
I felt so weak and helpless. Oh shit! it was my destiny :(
honestly, I really wanted to go out to see the fireworks
and feel happiness in my New Year's Eve
I really wanted someone to cheer me up in that situation.. 
 it seems it was just a dream ..
i just could cry and cry in that night. 
I felt like nobody care to me,
and these what i call the worst feeling i ever felt #3 :(

and today's the first day in 2013.
I feel nothing special today, i am still weak right now ..
I don't feel better at all. i could only rest in my bed ,