February 07, 2015

Holiday Project

Hey you guys! How was your holiday? 
I hope you enjoy it!
Sorry for the super duper late posting. 
I have done many activities during my school days. And it makes me done nothing with this cutie space. hahahah poor me!
But it's Okay right..
And I certainly think that you guys actually will have the same question. How was my holiday? Was great! I did many things for about this one month holiday. 

Anyway, in this time I wanna show you guys one from many holiday activities that I have done for almost 2 days. 
The purpose is : first, I wanna make my phone lilbit safe. I have been looking for many online shops on instagram that sell pouches. But the prices are so high for me (about 70k for one pouch) and it's exclude shipping fee. I've already went to accecories shops too. But it doesn't work! (The prices are same as in the internet). Finally, I decided to make it by my self.

I made one of DIY project from some cutie fabrics that I bought at "Pasar Badung" (the biggest market especially in Denpasar, Bali). It was about at 03.15 pm on February 5th 2015. 
I loved to go there because they sell many kinda pattern fabrics with many selection of colors that we won't find in other places, for sure! Therefore, it's really better if you guys directly go there to buy many kinda fabrics for your projects. In the other hand, the prices are also worth it for student like me hehehe.

So guys, I bought 3 kinda floral fabrics and also 3 kinda cutie zipper. I only earned 50k for all. 15k for 1/2m x 1/2m of fabric. And 5k for 3 zippers (15 cm length). Cheap right? 
-The pictures are below- 

I surely think that you guys will ask : what have I been doing with all of them? Yep! I've been making 3 cutie floral phone cases. The tutorials are very easy to understand. Just texts "DIY cell phone case by anneorshine" on your YouTube search engine.

For make a cutie DIY cell phone case, you will need : 
- ruler, 
- black marker, 
- scissors (for cut off the fabrics), 
- needle and threads (I used pink, black and white threads) for sew the case, 
- duck tape (for make the case more thick and safe from some liquids, 
- staples,
- decorations (for make your case looks more adorable!)
- and also your cutie floral fabrics and its zippers.
So simple right? 😄 
These are how the materials look like:

These are guys the process of the making and the results!
-pictures are below- 😊

They look so lovely, right? 😄 
You can also use it for save your money, coins, or make them a little bit bigger to put your make up or your school stationaries in, or else. And if you don't have enough money for buy the fabrics, you can also use the second hand one that you can get from tailors (for free) or from your second hand shirt. There are soo many simple ways to make DIY projects. So guys don't be afraid! ^^

Wellyaah, according to me.. it's better if you do something than nothing on your whole holidays. Go create your own DIY projects, make all of your imaginations come true, and don't forget to share it! Good luck! and thankyou guys so much for reading this cutie space ^^

                                             Cheers ❤️